David Hammons, In the Hood, 1993.
The wild trees have bought me
and will sell you a wind
in the forest of falsehoods
where your search must not end
for their roots are not wise.
Strip our loving of dream
pay its secrets to thunder
and ransom me home.
Beware oaks in laughter
know hemlock is lying
when she sings of defiance
the sand words she is saying
will sift over and bury
while the pale moons I hate
seduce you in phases
through oceans of light.
And the wild trees shall sell me
for safety from lightning
to the sand that will flay me
for their next evening's planting.
They will fill my limp skin
with wild dreams from their root
and grow from my flesh
new handfuls of hate
till our ransom is wasted
and the morning speaks out
in a thin voice of wisdom
that loves me too late.
"Song," Audre Lorde.